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Handmade Leather Brown Rucksack
Black Ninja - Leather turtle shell ninja pack

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Would you want to have the leather backpack made in a different colour? Do not hesitate to let us know; we can currently hand paint the leather in 7 different colours, the one as in the above picture and the following:

Leather colour - Black Leather colour - Dark brown Leather colour - Light Brown Leather colour - Orange Leather colour - Deep Red Leather colour - Dark Green

Tomb raider backpack black

Also, if youd like to have rucksack engraved with a specific tooled design, wed be happy to help.

Custom work

If you would rather your dream backpack to come in a different shape and/or style, check out our custom made service, get in touch and we'll custom make the leather craft you'll love to wear for years to come.

Availability |?|    
5 to 7 days    
Body   Features
 28cm / 11in
 20cm / 7.9in
 12cm / 4.7in
Back Straps
 3cm / 1.2in
# Real leather
# Any colours
# Adjustable strap
# Back harness
# Handmade
# Rock solid
 Only US$ 329.00 

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The handmade leather backpack came to life from the initiative of Melissa, a United States passionate bike rider that faces no compromises when it comes to motorcycles and accessories.
She ordered the custom leather backpack with Chiwit Design in the hopes of getting her dream backpack uniquely hand crafted and here is her comments right after receiving the delivery:

"You have done a wonderful job on this bag!! All the ladies here in my office were blown away! It is gorgeous!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!"

I truly liked Melissa's idea to begin with. The leather backpack took the inspiration from world famous Tomb Raider movie starring Angelina Jolie.
The small leather backpack resembles the one Lara Croft wears as her favourite throughout the moving picture.

The motorcycle backpack's beauty is implicit in it's simplicity.
The genuine tooling leather used for the crafted rucksack has been moulded in order to archive the turtle like shell shape of the outer most part.
Benefits of the design are great water repellence and aerodynamics to ensure top performances on motorbikes.

The inside pig skin lining, features a single pocket where to maybe keep your IPAD nice and tight.

The back side that is in contact with the upper part of your back, implements a harness like system to avoid direct contact of the outer shell with your back, therefore keeping your body cool.

The straps are adjustable and provide a comfortable fit, which helps in keeping your shoulders in line and back straight.

The leather colour is archived by coating the raw hides with natural solvents to soak the upper most surface of the leather, rendering a permanent and uniformly distributed colour.



Mel - Tomb raider leather backpack by Chiwit Design


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