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Leather tobacco pouches
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About Us


"Hi, I am Andrea, designer, one of the leather artisans as well as owner of Chiwit Design. Welcome."

"Inspiration through life"

Chiwit Design label

Our operations are based in Italy (nearby Milan), as well as in Thailand (Chiang Mai). The picture above shows our workshop where all our design and production takes place.

My inspiration comes from seeing different ways of living, by travelling and sharing with people their simple or complicated lifestyles.
Learning about other ways of living has given me a chance to be able to decide for myself, to be able to see what's best for me to do and to be involved in.

My country of origin has definitely made a mark. Italians are world famous for their flare and passion for living.
The eastern part of our planet as taught me about coolness of emotions and introspection.
Europe has taught me about differences and exchange.
North America has taught me about individuality and self achievement.

I look at ourselves as a constantly changing specie of animals with the potential of changing ourselves and the capability of disassociating for our primordial instincts.
I do my job to allow people to adapt to their environment in a unique way, by providing the accessories and garnments which will help the day to day living in style.

My background (Andrea) isn't necessarily related to crafting. I am a software engineer by trade. Leather work is a skill I picked up from my best friend Gianluca. Since 2001, we have been producing and selling handmade leather goods in various parts of the world including Italy (where we are from), Spain, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Singapore, France, Ireland, New Zealand and more.

Our customers around the world by country/state

Updated on [19 Feb 2017]

World-wide Sales

Our online shop has been operational since 2006 with great success. We are proud to say that "We are a truly 100% internet company", our products cannot be found anywhere else but the Internet.
We have personally created our style and design patterns which keep on changing and have greatly improved throughout our years of operation. Each of the handmade products is unique in design and strictly handmade from start to finish. Some of the products take up to 3-4 days to make.

As much as many people in the industry might think we are crazy to still work by hand, we believe in the traditional craft and the resulting products cannot be compared to similar machine made items. Each purse has its own individuality, its own distinctive style.

When designing a new product, these are the main factors we take into consideration:

  • Unique design
  • High quality materials
  • Ease of use
  • Live and matching colorings
  • Durability
  • Strength
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The pictures below show some of the steps we take while making our products.

Hand stitching technique

Chiwit Design products are fully handmade from hand cutting to hand stitching , and are designed for heavy and frequent use. We like to use leather as the main material for our products, we really appreciate the strength and versatility it can give to our creations.


The crafting in itself is not too difficult; anybody who's good with their hands could learn the basic skills in a matter of days. To create a simple medium size handbag from scratch, takes about 2-3 days. The most time consuming part of our handmade process is the stitching as all the holes for the stitching have to be hand pierced through the thick leather; it is a slow process and requires concentration and patience, but the benefits are great creating strong and eye-catching stitches. It also means we can use very long lasting heavy-duty thread, which a sewing machine could not handle. The style of stitching we use can be seen in handmade shoes and horse saddles.

Our products are made out of top quality (Grade 1) leather available in the market. We source it directly from major international tanneries located in the Bangkok area. We are currently using Suede as well as Full Grain leather types, both come in a large variety of colours, thickness and finishing.
Leather hides
The stitching is made from high quality waxed thread which guarantees durability, strength and is fully compatible with leather.
Any of the rivet buttons, loops and so forth is made of high quality brass which does not rust.

Unique sale point

The ideal Chiwit clientele understands the implication in making an handmade product and enjoys wearing unique items, which partially resemble their personality and/or state of mind.

Chiwit design products shown on this web site in the Product Line Area are exclusively sold on the internet. You are guaranteed a one off original product. 

We hope these few lines explain a little about Chiwit Design. If you decide to purchase one of our products, we feel certain that you will enjoy wearing it as much as we've enjoyed making it for you.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us and feel free to Contact Us for any enquiries.

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